10 best creative lenses from just £10

Lenses are such an integral part of photography, but we always judge them by the same standard. Is the image sharp? Are the corners free from vignetting? Is the chromatic aberration evident?

Sometimes we forget that they are simply tools – a means to an end. But what do you do when you want to take a break from the norm and capture an image with a bit more of an artistic feel to it?

Luckily there are options designed just for you. With creativity in mind, this month we are checking out lenses that each give a different and unique effect to inspire your creativity.

Some of these are as cheap as £10, while others are a bit more expensive. Kirk Schwarz looks at 10 of the best creative lenses... 

12 best value cameras under £650

We all love the art of photography, but sometimes the act of choosing a camera can get pretty confusing and very expensive.

With so many different varieties now on the market, such as DSLRs, mirrorless and action cameras, it’s no longer as simple as walking into your local high street retailer and handing over a wad of cash.

In celebration of such variety in the photographic market, Kirk Schwarz has compiled a selection of some of his favourite cameras over four very specific groups, to help give you an idea of what may work best for your specific needs – and best of all, everything is under £650...

5 best underwater compact cameras

Water is the last great frontier for many of us. Only a minuscule 5% of our seas have been explored, so with such a vast opportunity for discovery, it’s no wonder we heed the call for tropical destinations and the treasures our oceans hold. 

However, the biggest limiting factor to capturing the beauty of the deep has always been the need for prohibitively expensive camera housings. 

Thankfully, underwater cameras have come on leaps and bounds in the quality stakes. Newer models even allow you to shoot RAWs, use flash and gain access to a whole host of other features normally reserved for DSLRs. Here are five of the best...