In the Spring issue…

Get 8 free gifts including exclusive tips cards, 75 minutes of new camera and editing videos, 164 pages of inspiration and advice, and lots more…

Spring 2017 issue of Practical Photography

Spring 2017 issue of Practical Photography

Free gifts
Learn new skills with 4 natural world tips cards, watch and learn with our biggest video disc yet, and improve your macro shots with our latest collection of Photoshop Actions

Inspiration and advice
Explore the beauty of the natural world with our 14-page skills guide, discover the art of creative self-portraits with three brilliant projects, apply advanced RAW edits in Lightroom, and much more

The world's best photographers
Mark Bauer shares his top tips for atmospheric landscapes, Tim Laman talks exotic wildlife adventures and what it means to win Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and Chris Porsz unveils the personal project 40 years in the making  

In-depth reviews
Take a first look at Canon’s EOS 77D, find out whether Fuji’s X-T20 is the perfect CSC, discover the ten best macro lenses under £1000, and check out five low-level tripods for macro

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In the April issue...

Get 6 free gifts including an exclusive memory card case, 164 pages of brilliant images and expert photo advice, and over 60 minutes of new camera and editing video lessons…

FREE! Memory card case Keep your memory cards, lens clothes and batteries safe with this tough and stylish kit bag essential

FREE! Learn Photography Now CD-ROM Watch and learn with over 60 minutes of hands-on lesson, including a wild landscape masterclass and three off-camera flash projects for creative portraits

FREE! Photoshop Genius magazine Improve your editing skills with 32 pages of step-by-step tutorials for all levels of ability. This month, master the basics of Lightroom, create quick and easy mono effects, and add new skies to flat landscapes

FREE! 15 Portrait Styles Actions Give your people pics a one-click makeover with these new presets for Photoshop and Elements. Includes cross-processing effects, retro film styles and clarity boosts

FREE! 20 royalty-free textures Add depth to any image with our exclusive collection. There’s a complete step-by-step guide in the magazine

FREE! Complete Camera Guide Concise reviews of every DSLR and CSC on the market right now

April 2017 issue of Practical Photography

April 2017 issue of Practical Photography

Plus 164 pages of inspiration, advice and reviews…

Ultimate guide to photographing Britain’s wildlife Find and photograph the UK’s most accessible animals with expert insight from pros Danny Green, Sam Hobson, Simon Roy and more  

Shoot a wedding to remember Set yourself up for success with this complete guide to wedding photography. Master the essential shots, learn from the best, and cut out and keep our definitive shotlist

Talent to burn Tom Barnes is one the best portrait photographers in the world. If you want to read a no-holds-barred insight into the life of a 21st century pro, look no further

Pit stop! Jamey Price is addicted to motorsport photography and his images will suck you in and immerse you in the action. Here he talks us through one of his most dramatic images

Know your stuff This month we look at tilt & shift lenses, gimbal tripod heads, camera triggers and rolling shutters

10 best telephotos under £1200 Perfect for wildlife and sports photography, these powerful optics allow you to zoom in tight for high-impact images. With prices starting at just £269, we round-up 10 great models to find the best for your buck

5 best photo apps From free editing software from Adobe to mapping apps that let you precisely plan landscape shoots, these are the best photo-friendly apps for your phone

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In the March issue...

The new issue of Practical Photography is the first to incorporate Digital Photo and introduces a stylish new look and a wealth of fresh content that caters for all levels of ability. Here’s what you can look forward to…


  • FREE! Essential Camera Handbook Get 52 extra pages of expert advice with this pocket-sized, jargon-busting book that answers the questions you’ve asked us most frequently. From sensor sizes to focusing modes, we guarantee you’ll pick up a few tips
  • NEW! Photoshop Genius Master the art of image editing with a new 32-page section dedicated to Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom. This month we show you how to create 360º panoramics, make artistic multiple exposures and add colour effects
  • FREE! Learn Photography Now CD-ROM Watch and learn with over 65 minutes of expert camera and editing videos on our biggest multimedia disc yet. This month’s show features macro skills, astro and street photography guides, and red squirrel advice. Watch the trailer below
  • FREE! 21 creative borders Frame your images in style with an exclusive collection of borders and a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to adapt them for any image. From scratches and creases to retro film rebates and grids, we’ve got it covered
March 2017 issue of Practical Photography

March 2017 issue of Practical Photography

Plus 216 pages of inspiration, advice and reviews...

  • ‘It’s my best photo ever!’ We asked ten award-winning photographers to choose their own favourite photos and reveal the secrets behind their creation. The results will surprise, inspire and enthrall
  • Embrace the beauty of reflections Discover three diverse but accessible creative projects, from symmetrical city abstracts to epic landscapes
  • A feast for the eyes Taste Carl Warner’s incredible foodscapes and find out how a humble pineapple was transformed into the Great Wall of China
  • Unintended perfection Adventure and lifestyle photographer Morgan Phillips talks us through the techniques behind one of his most jaw-dropping images
  • Digital fairytales Find out how portrait photographer Linda Blacker turns YouTube celebrities into magical characters from the world of fiction
  • Know your stuff This month we look at long exposures, telephoto technique, wireless flash triggers, studio flash on a budget and lens adapters 
  • Nikon D5600 Read our full review of Nikon’s latest entry-level DSLR, which offers a compact body, stunning sensor and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 10 best mirrorless cameras under £1500 Pro spec CSC models from the likes of Sony, Panasonic and Fujifilm go head-to-head in this insightful group test

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