Laowa 15mm f/4 1:1 Macro

Here's our review of the unique Laowa 15mm f/4 1:1 Macro

The world’s first true ultra wide-angle macro, Laowa’s 15mm f/4 is one of a kind, giving life-size 1:1 magnification at a minimum distance of 12cm. This means you can get very close to your subject, and use the 110° angle-of-view to fill the frame with minute detail. 

The unique Laowa 15mm f/4 1:1 Macro

The unique Laowa 15mm f/4 1:1 Macro

Laowa's 15mm macro includes an innovative 'shift' function 

The maximum aperture of f/4 isn’t the widest here but is still able to create a smooth fall-off, and stopping down to f/32 allows for reasonably sharp backgrounds. An interesting bonus is that the lens also offers a ‘shift’ function (moving the optics +/- 6mm along the lens axis), allowing you to correct perspective distortion at the point of capture.

The 465g body is robust and the perfect size for handholding. Being entirely manual means the lens doesn’t communicate with the camera, but the adjustment rings are very smooth. In test, the image centre is sharp at minimum aperture, though edges suffer from softness and vignetting through the apertures. Chromatic aberration is noticeable, but well controlled.


Ultra wide-angle
Very close focusing
Artistic results 


Soft edges
Vignetting at all apertures
Completely manual


Minimum aperture: f/22
Elements: 16/11
Filter size: 62mm
Minimum focus distance: 31cm
DxH: 78x126mm
Weight: 725g
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