FAQs - all the info you need

How do I take part?
Sign up here, get the next six issues of Practical Photography, and complete the homework. Easy! Why not take advantage of our amazing subscription offer and get the next six issues delivered to your door or tablet/phone (or both)? Check it out here.

Is the course for beginners or professionals?
Camera School is designed with absolute beginners in mind, but we guarantee that whatever level you’re at, you'll learn something new. For more seasoned enthusiasts, it’s the perfect way to brush up on your technique and sharpen your skills.

Will this course turn me into a professional photographer?
Never say never, but the likelihood is no, it won’t. Saying that, it will help you take better pictures, which can only be good thing!

How do I upload my homework? 
You’ll find a unique URL at the end of each module – follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong. We've made it as easy as 1,2,3, but if you do get stuck, email us here and we’ll put your right.

How long do I have to complete the homework?
Exactly four weeks from the start of each module, which should be plenty of time to rustle up a photo worthy of a gold medal. Download a list of important dates here.

Who will be marking my images?
The Practical Photography team will be rating and commenting on every image uploaded to the homework galleries. So that’s Ben, Tim, Dan, Louise and Kirk. They’re pretty good at this photo lark so you’re in safe hands.

Where do I go to see how you’ve graded my image?
Head to the module URL that’s printed in the mag on the date that marks are announced and not only will you see your own grade, but everyone else’s too. You’ll be able to sort images by module and mark (gold, silver or bronze).

What does it mean if I get a ‘fail’ mark?
Most likely it means you didn’t read the homework properly and so your image wasn’t what we asked for. We really don’t like dishing out ‘fail’ marks, as we know how much effort you guys put into your Camera School images, but the homework is as much about understanding and fulfilling a brief as it is learning new skills, and we can’t stress enough how important reading the homework is. Make sure you’ve ticked all those boxes!

How do I get my certificate?
You’ll receive a special gold, silver or bronze certificate, via email, the day after marks are announced. Sadly, we can’t send actual print certificates, so instead you’ll receive a PDF. You can, of course, print this out yourself… as big as you like!