Welcome to the Module 3 homework upload page! We asked you to shoot a well-exposed flower portrait. We want to see a perfectly crisp flower and a blurry background, which you’ll achieve by using your lens’ widest aperture setting. Compose the shot with the rule-of-thirds to ensure that your flowery focal point is located on a powerpoint. Your image should be in colour and unedited, other than being resized to the 5MB limit. 

If you need to ask a question first, email us at cameraschool@bauermedia.co.uk or head over to the official Camera School Facebook page at facebook.com/ppcameraschool and leave a post on our wall. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can! The deadline for this task is 5 July 2017, so make sure you submit your shot before then. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your results!

Before you upload...

  • Have you used the right settings?
  • Have you chosen the best composition?
  • Have you focused on the flower’s stamen?
  • Have you used the rule-of-thirds? 
  • Have you used your lens’ widest aperture?

If so, upload your Module 3 homework image below. Marks will be announced on 19 July 2017...