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Welcome to the Module 1 homework upload page! For your homework, we’re asking you to shoot one well-exposed floral still life. Your shot should have a shallow depth-of-field, be composed using either the rule-of-thirds or a central composition, and have one clear flower focal point. It should be in colour and unedited (except to be resized to the 10MB limit). Once you’ve got your photo, upload it below. The deadline is 6 June, so ensure you upload before then. Marks will be announced on 20 June 2018. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your results! 

Before you upload…

  • Have you shot a well-exposed image?  
  • Have you used a shallow depth-of-field? 
  • Have you focused on the flower focal point? 
  • Have you used the rule-of-thirds or a central composition?

Need to resize your image? Watch our resizing video here