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Welcome to the Module 3 uploads page! For your homework, we’re asking you to shoot one reflection street photo. Your image should be shot with a mid-aperture and a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. The dividing line between your reflective surface and the street should be directly down the middle of your shot. Your focus should be set on your figure’s face. The image can either be shot in black & white or colour. While we do allow light editing, your photo should appear natural. Once you’ve taken your image, resize it to within the 10MB limit and upload it below. Marks will be announced on 11 September. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your results!

See the September 2019 issue of Practical Photography, on sale now, for the full judging criteria.

Before you upload…

  • Have you shot a well-exposed image?  

  • Have you used a mid-aperture? 

  • Have you used a fast shutter speed? 

  • Have you focused correctly?

  • Have you resized the photo to within the 10MB limit?