What does the course involve?

Camera School is a free skills course for beginners and enthusiasts wanting to brush up on their technique. All you need to take part is a DSLR, mirrorless camera or creative compact. The course is run by Practical Photography's team of experts and consists of six modules, each designed to help you take control of your camera and understand what all those dials and buttons do.

The modules, published in Practical Photography, include jargon-free advice, simple step-by-step instruction and inspirational images. The course will cover a range of subjects and techniques, from landscapes and portraits to still life and the natural world. Camera School is a proven way to improve your skills and get inspired.

Every month, we’ll set you a homework task based on the techniques you’ve learned – download the course schedule here. You’ll be working to a brief with very specific criteria, so read this carefully before you shoot. Upload your homework by the deadline and we’ll give you feedback on your work, and hopefully a certificate!

If you complete the homework task perfectly, ticking all the boxes specified in the brief, you’ll receive a Gold certificate! If you didn’t quite get it right, you’re still in with a good chance of a Silver or Bronze. 

Check out the course FAQs here