What Camera School students say

Ermie Matthews
Such a varied set of tasks and I’ve learnt so much about my camera, how to manipulate the settings and also about composing my pictures for best effect… even if the rule-of-thirds drove me nuts at times!

Richard Vinter
A big thank you to Camera School for making me take photos I didn’t think I could take. I’ve learned new skills that I’ll be using in the future. Loved the course!  

Graham James Maxwell
A brilliantly run course - have learned a lot about what my camera can really do.

Kim Roach
Since my dad passed in 2015 I lost all interest in using my camera, but Camera School helped me find my passion for it once more and helped me focus. Great challenges! Looking forward to next year’s…

Amanda Jane Davies
Thank you for helping me in my recovery from cancer and heart failure. You gave me the gift of getting off my butt, stop feeling sorry for myself, learning lots of new skills, getting out in the fresh air, and learning to love photography even more.

Jinty Symons
The course has totally given me confidence to move out of auto and explore my camera. It has been so enjoyable and I cannot tell you how delighted I was to be awarded two silvers and four gold awards. My magazine came through the door this month and it was an anti-climax not having another module to take part in…