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Colour management can be easy

For many photographers, the concept of colour management can feel alien. Even the most seasoned of professionals can shudder at the mention of screen calibration or printer profiles. However, any photographer knows colour management is key if they want to achieve perfect images every time.

Getting to grips with colour management is not as challenging as one may think, and Datacolor want to demonstrate this with their new free eBook, ‘Spyder5 eBook: Colour management can be so easy’. As the title suggests, the eBook removes any confusion around the subject through a detailed guide to help photographers of all levels.

What to expect from ‘Spyder5 eBook: Color management can be easy’

Chapter One – Understanding Digital Color

The first chapter, which is now available, will walk you through which colour measuring instruments you need for colour management, and why you should work with RAW data.

Chapter Two – Taking Calibrated Photos

Chapter Two is a guide to the first step in the colour workflow – camera calibration. The chapter focuses on the tools available for calibration, obtaining evenly-balanced contrast with the SpyderCUBE, achieving colour balance with the SpyderCHECKR, and razor-sharp autofocus using SpyderLENSCAL.

Chapter Three – Monitor Calibration

Discover how to initially calibrate your monitor and find out what a colorimeter can do for you during this process. Chapter three will also teach you how to control ambient light and demonstrate the options a soft proofing tool can offer.

Chapter Four – Fine-adjusting Monitors

Chapter Four delves deeper into monitor calibration, with a focus on making extended calibration settings, and an explanation of what an advanced analysis entails. Learn how to calibrate two monitors, and find out what different elements you need to pay attention to when calibrating a complete studio and a projector.

Chapter Five – Printer Profiling for Accurate Prints

The penultimate chapter teaches you all you need to know about printer profiles, and explains how to check if your printer and printer driver are working properly. Find out what you need to be aware of when working with a Spectrocolorimeter and discover Datacolor’s measuring technology.

Chapter Six – Monitor Proofing and Media

The final chapter deals with your questions on the final stage of your workflow – exploring how to proof your images on your monitor, and what to consider when printing your photos by yourself, on paper, canvas, and foil. The chapter will also tell you all you need to know about monitor proofing during photo printing from a service provider.

Each chapter also contains a detailed glossary of colour management terms.

The first chapter of the eBook is now available to download for free here.