Anne Herbert - Acrylic Sandwich Block

What We Ordered

From Anne Herbert we went for a 24x16in Acrylic Sandwich Block print, opting for a 12mm thick front section.

Ordering Process

Scanning through the impressive list of printing options on the Anne Herbert website, we quickly found the Acrylic Sandwich Block print. Ready to order, we hit the ‘Click Here to Buy’ button, which whisked us off to a product selection page where we choose the product’s thickness, print style and size. There was a selection of default sizes, or the option to input our own custom dimensions (in either cm or inches) using the Custom Size calculator on the same page.  While inputting our custom dimensions, we were provided with a sub-total (excluding VAT and P&P) – a great feature for anyone trying to stick to a budget. We then uploaded our chosen image to the website and proceeded to payment. The entire ordering process took no longer than 15mins, thanks to the well designed website and the clearly labelled on-screen instructions.

Product Quality

Arriving safe and sound in a mass of bubble wrap, our sample print was far from featherweight. Luckily, though, on the reverse side, Anne Herbert includes four solid hanging brackets – one in each corner – to keep it well fastened to the wall. The clarity and general finish of the Acrylic Sandwich Block was stunning, with no warping or imperfections to distort the image beneath. The print itself looked fantastic too, with a great level of contrast and colour retention.


Going for a large 24x16in print did rack up the price somewhat, taking our total to £202 – including £10 for post and packing.


This Acrylic Sandwich Block offers a high-end printing solution and is fine for use in kitchens and bathrooms as the print is encapsulated and moisture resistant. Smaller sizes will reduce the cost a great deal – for example, an A4 version is a more affordable £114 (inc postage).  

£202 (inc £10 P+P)