CMYK Imaging

CMYK imaging has 14 papers to choose from, including fine-art, fibre-based, and resin coated with matte, gloss, or pearl finishes so you’re spoilt for choice. We chose a fine-art pearl for this test. The upload process, while looking very sleek, does take a bit of effort to navigate, but once you get used to it, it’s plain sailing. At the top of the page, a guide tells you how far along you are and how many steps are left to go. Once you’ve uploaded you’re presented with options to choose print size, paper type, finish and colour (select Black & White on the Colour option here, as it will help the lab produce neutral tones in your print).

Once our order was placed we waited five days for delivery – not unreasonable. Our prints arrived in a narrow roll tube packed in Bubble Wrap. Each print was individually wrapped in packing paper, but the prints were so tightly rolled they were difficult to keep flat and needed more flattening than others before display.
Print quality was outstanding and prints were cleanly cut. There was no noticeable colour cast and each had a good tonal range, holding excellent detail in the highlights, but while shadow tones were rich they didn’t hold quite as much detail as some of the other labs.

£42.60 for 3 prints & postage