The Digitalab interface is very straightforward; you choose a size and upload your photos, then pick from a range of papers and finishes. We went for Fuji Crystal Archive Professional paper with a matte finish as no semi-gloss was offered, but other options include canvas wraps and fine-art surfaces. There’s an Edit tab where you can crop your photo to size if needed, although the options for prints of sizes over 18x12in are in a different section to smaller prints. This makes the process of creating your order a little more time-consuming, but it is understandable as the larger prints are output on a different type of printer to the smaller options.

Our prints took two days to arrive. The roll they came in was sealed with parcel tape (but lacked end caps) and the prints themselves were nicely cushioned with Bubble Wrap for added protection. One print had a few scratches on the bottom-right corner, however. There was a slight colour cast present on two of the prints, but they showed great tones, nice clean edges and held detail well across the tonal range.

£28.53 for 3 prints & postage