Fuji World Adapter & USB charger

Why is it essential? There are four main types of plug socket used worldwide, and having to purchase a different adapter for each type can be expensive – and take up valuable space in your suitcase or camera bag. Fujifilm’s all-in-one package packs four different plug adapters into one clever little gadget for you.

Key features: The adapter includes an American flat two-pin, an Australian flat two-pin, a European rounded two-pin, and a British three-pin. It also comes packed with an additional top section that slots into the unit, providing power for two USB sockets – ideal for charging a smartphone or MP3 player with a compatible lead.

Ease of use: Each pin arrangement slides out individually from the unit using levers on the side. When not in use, they retract, sheltering them from damage and making the unit much easier to store.

Price: For £25 it’s great value for money considering it’s essentially five products in one. 

Conclusion: A vital space-saving piece of kit that’s worth its weight in gold if you’re planning on travelling to different places.