LaCie Rikiki Go 1TB external drive

Why is it essential? If you’re a snap-happy photographer and find yourself quickly filling up memory cards, or you want access to your image library on the move, then a portable hard drive for your laptop is a great addition, letting you back up shots and free-up space.

Key features: Within the slim aluminium casing is a hard drive with a massive 1TB capacity (930GB when plugged in) – more than enough for several holidays! Adopting the most recent USB 3.0 technology, it can transfer data up to an impressive speed of 5Gigabits a second (600MB/sec), which is more than 10x faster than its USB 2.0 predecessor (480Megabits or 60MB/sec), but is also backwards compatible, fully supporting USB 2.0 transfer, which is good news for anyone who owns an older system.

Ease of use:  Setup takes seconds; simply connect the included USB cable to your PC and you’re ready to go and power is supplied to the unit via the USB port on your computer, removing the need for an additional dedicated power cable. Not only that, but its tiny frame (measuring just 75 x 118.5 x 13.4mm) means the whole thing fits easily in almost any size of camera bag.

Price: At £109, it’s an affordable drive that’ll easily store all your prized shots.
Conclusion: Lightning-fast data transfer, huge amounts of storage space, and a robust but compact frame make the LaCie Rikiki the ideal travel partner for photographers.