One Vision Imaging

To place our order we first downloaded One Vision’s Remote Ordering Entry System interface  (ROES) and while this was rather complicated to use, it did give more control. The ROES system also offers advanced options such as vignette, colour correction, specialist finishes and artistic borders (we chose a lustre finish on Fuji Professional DP paper). To use this system you need to contact One Vision for a customer number, after which you can access your collections through the interface and bring up the photographs you want to print – this certainly makes it easy to reorder in the future.

Our prints arrived in two days in a roll tube, wrapped with packing paper and held in place by a wedge of more packing paper. Due to the thin tube and tight fit, the prints were quite curled but they displayed good toning in the shadows and mid-tones with the highlights just beginning to lose detail. We did notice a slight warm magenta cast creeping into some of them and some scratches or scores, which may have come from the exit rollers on the print machine. The prints had a really cleanly cut edge, though, and One Vision’s prices will suit all wallets.


£20.35 for 3 prints & postage