Anne Herbert - Acrylic Sandwich Block

What We Ordered

From Anne Herbert we went for a 24x16in Acrylic Sandwich Block print, opting for a 12mm thick front section.

Ordering Process

Scanning through the impressive list of printing options on the Anne Herbert website, we quickly found the Acrylic Sandwich Block print. Ready to order, we hit the ‘Click Here to Buy’ button, which whisked us off to a product selection page where we choose the product’s thickness, print style and size. There was a selection of default sizes, or the option to input our own custom dimensions (in either cm or inches) using the Custom Size calculator on the same page.  While inputting our custom dimensions, we were provided with a sub-total (excluding VAT and P&P) – a great feature for anyone trying to stick to a budget. We then uploaded our chosen image to the website and proceeded to payment. The entire ordering process took no longer than 15mins, thanks to the well designed website and the clearly labelled on-screen instructions.

Product Quality

Arriving safe and sound in a mass of bubble wrap, our sample print was far from featherweight. Luckily, though, on the reverse side, Anne Herbert includes four solid hanging brackets – one in each corner – to keep it well fastened to the wall. The clarity and general finish of the Acrylic Sandwich Block was stunning, with no warping or imperfections to distort the image beneath. The print itself looked fantastic too, with a great level of contrast and colour retention.


Going for a large 24x16in print did rack up the price somewhat, taking our total to £202 – including £10 for post and packing.


This Acrylic Sandwich Block offers a high-end printing solution and is fine for use in kitchens and bathrooms as the print is encapsulated and moisture resistant. Smaller sizes will reduce the cost a great deal – for example, an A4 version is a more affordable £114 (inc postage).  

£202 (inc £10 P+P) 

The Imagebox - Rembrandt Frame Canvas

What We Ordered

We placed an order for a large 18x24in Rembrandt Frame Canvas print, finished with black edges, mounted within a Wenge (dark wood) frame, complete with hanging brackets (at £1.50).

Ordering Process

Placing an order is quick and easy, and took just 15 minutes. We chose our product from a vast catalogue of printing styles, then logged into the site using our account details (if you don’t already hold an account with The ImageBox, it’s very easy to create one by entering a desired username, picking a password and adding a valid email address). Once logged in, we finalised the specifics of the print by choosing a canvas size, canvas edge colour and frame colour.
The ImageBox also provides a creative image effects service, which lets you apply a choice of Black & White, Sepia or a Splash colour-pop effects (the latter at £10) to your work and all of the options are selected by a clearly labelled tick box or drop-down menu. Most of them include a display image, too, so you can see exactly what you’re ordering. With all the options selected, all that was left to do was upload our image file, before final purchase.

Product Quality

There’s no denying that the Rembrandt frame is strikingly different from your typical print option, but the idea of mounting a traditional canvas print inside a sleek modern frame is something that clearly works. The canvas print quality on our sample was top-notch, with colours remaining faithful to the original digital image that we submitted. The canvas itself had a prominent but pleasing texture to it, and in general felt taut and securely fastened within its sturdy outer frame.
Price:  Our large 18x24in choice came to an affordable £74.95, which includes £5.95 for post & packing.


If you’re after a truly alternative method of displaying your work, this Rembrandt frame canvas is a great choice – its combination of the classic and the modern fitting in nicely in any period of home.

£74.95 (inc £5.95 P+P)

Whitewall - Aluminium mount

What We Ordered

We chose to print our photo on a 24x16in aluminium backing and topped it off with a simple matte finish.

Ordering Process

The Photo Lab section of WhiteWall’s site offers Mountings, Framings and Prints subsections, the former of which led us to the option for our Original Photo Print on Aluminium backing service.
Helpfully, there was a short video clip that displayed the finish of the service we’d selected and beside this was a price calculator used to give an initial estimation of how much our 24x16in print would cost – both of which impressed us. The upload process was issue-free, with our image displayed on a preview screen containing options to adjust the size or crop of the picture before it was added to the basket. We were then guided through the delivery and payment options and the whole process from upload to ordering took less than 10 minutes – a very respectable time. If you’re a returning customer, the website will remember your details and make the process even faster next time around.  

Product Quality

Our print arrived superbly packaged and very well protected to prevent damage in transit. Once the plastic wrap and corner protectors had been removed it revealed a flawless print with excellent colour reproduction. All edges were neatly trimmed and the two large aluminium brackets on the back made it ready for hanging on the wall, straight out of the box.


Our 24x16in print came to a subtotal of £44, with delivery to the UK costing an extra £19.80, so we finished up with a total cost of £63.80.


We were thoroughly impressed by the ordering interface, delivery speed and final product from WhiteWall, so if you’re looking for a first-class finish, this stylish Aluminium mount certainly fits the bill. Plus, the printing process means it’s water-resistant and therefore a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

£63.80 (inc £19.80 P+P) 

Genesis-Digital - MDF block mount

What We Ordered

We opted for a Lambda C-Type print onto 24x20in Fuji Crystal archive paper on an MDF block mount. We also chose to have our print laminated for extra protection and with a matte finish (at £10), before the whole thing was mounted onto 18mm thick MDF board with the edges painted black. To finish, two secure hanging brackets (at £7) were also attached to allow for hanging straight out of the box.

Ordering Process 

After we’d chosen our desired print size, print type and mount choice from the Genesis-Digital extensive catalogue, we placed our order. This can be done in a few different ways, either by phone, post, email or by direct upload through the website. We chose the latter option and uploaded our print image, along with full details of our order, via the provided form. As part of the bespoke ordering process, Genesis-Digital ask its customers to contact them directly at the end of the ordering process to discuss details, such as hanging brackets, laminate options and final payment, which we did, finding the process quite reassuring.
Product Quality 

The print arrived with multiple layers of protective padding and we were impressed with just how well the colour tones had held, showing a clear, attractive finish. Flipping the picture over revealed a slightly messy backboard where excess black paint from the edges had bled onto the rear MDF surface, but when hung up, this wasn’t noticeable at all, thanks to the clever sunken brackets that allowed it to sit flush to the wall.


With all of our additional extras added together, it brought the total cost of our print to £120.80 - including a £20 post and packing charge.


This MDF block mount is a simple, attractive and contemporary method of printing, which is suitable for almost any image type or style of house.

£120.80 (inc £20 P+P) 

The Digital Room - Floating Frame

What We Ordered

For our sample, we placed an order for a 24x16in print mounted within a beech floating frame and finished with a simple and understated black paint job.

Ordering Process

On The Digital Room’s website, we were greeted with a list of services, including canvas prints, MDF block mounts and floating frames. Once we’d made our print selection, we were asked to upload our chosen image for an onscreen preview before proceeding. We then chose the finer details, such as canvas size, frame material, frame colour and any additional creative effects we wanted adding to our work.
For the floating frame, we were given the choice between an ash or beech frame construction. Ash frames are made to order and can take up to 21 days to complete, whereas beech frames are ready-made and held in stock and as a result have a much quicker turnaround of just 5-10 working days. They’re also slightly cheaper, but sizes are more limited.
Finally, we were given a selection of frame finishes, with a choice of black, dark brown, brushed white or natural, before proceeding to checkout for final payment. 

Product Quality

Our print was extremely well packaged, with thick polystyrene blocks and foam wrap keeping it safe from harm. Our sample had bright, vibrant colours, which really impressed us and the narrow frame really made our picture stand out. The frame was lightweight but sturdy and construction was close to perfection, with the beech edging featuring an attractively deep grain and texture. All four corners were neatly sealed using brown paper tape which added up to a professional finish.


Our pre-constructed beech frame took our total to £116.16, including £7.63 for post and packing.


If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist way to display your work, The Digital Room’s Floating Frame is just the thing - a very classy looking high-quality product.

£116.16 (inc £7.63 P+P) 

Photo-Canvas - Traditional Canvas Print


What We Ordered

We went for a 24x16in traditional canvas print at 1in in depth and a gallery wrap that continues the photo onto the edges.

Ordering Process

We ordered our canvas online in three easy steps. First we decided which style of canvas we wanted, from a choice of a standard, triptych, multi-panel split and more. We then uploaded our chosen image and, using the on-screen visual as a guide, decided the size and depth of the canvas, along with a wrap finish. As a free extra, Photo-Canvas provides the option to add a creative finish to your work, including Black & White and Sepia, or there’s 1 Colour Splash (a pop-colour effect at £9). Plus you can print a personal message or website URL on the back of your canvas for an added £1.99.
At the checkout, Photo-Canvas provided the option to leave a mobile phone number and contact details with the order, which turned out to be a good idea, as it allowed a member of the quality control team to contact us via text-message, alerting us to the fact that an email had been sent regarding a small issue with our print image. This good service allowed us to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.

Product quality

Our sample arrived the very next morning after purchase, and came well packaged with a plastic wrap covering the canvas, protecting it from dust and dirt. One of the trickiest things to perfect on a canvas print is the corner folds. If done poorly, it’s a surefire way to make your work look slapdash, but Photo-Canvas has perfected this, providing some of the tidiest corners we’ve seen. As for the canvas itself, colours were bright, vibrant and retained good levels of contrast, with no sagging. 


Our single canvas print was priced at a competitive £59, with free next-day delivery (mainland UK only). It also came packed with a hanging kit thrown in.


This traditional canvas print is an attractive buy, suited to almost any type of imagery, and a great value-for-money option.

£59 (inc FREE P+P) 


For this test we used Photobox’s Poster Prints and Pro Poster Prints, printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper in a gloss finish, as this was where the sizes we needed sat in the range. We found the site straightforward and easy to navigate. You first need to sign up for an account, but make sure you unclick Optimize Image in the Preferences to avoid any colour cast on your black & white prints. From here on, you choose the size before you upload and will then be given options to rotate or adjust any cropping and a warning will appear if your photo is too small for the print size chosen. 
Within three days, we had our prints. They arrived in a roll tube, protected with packing paper to stop movement and a covering of Photobox branded paper to protect the prints, too.
We noticed on the 16x20in print that the cut was not flush (there was a millimetre or so of white edge on one corner), but the print quality itself was decent, with no colour cast. Blacks were deep and rich, and the mid-tones maintained a good level of contrast, but the highlights suffered a little, and began to lose detail.

£27.71 for 3 prints & postage

One Vision Imaging

To place our order we first downloaded One Vision’s Remote Ordering Entry System interface  (ROES) and while this was rather complicated to use, it did give more control. The ROES system also offers advanced options such as vignette, colour correction, specialist finishes and artistic borders (we chose a lustre finish on Fuji Professional DP paper). To use this system you need to contact One Vision for a customer number, after which you can access your collections through the interface and bring up the photographs you want to print – this certainly makes it easy to reorder in the future.

Our prints arrived in two days in a roll tube, wrapped with packing paper and held in place by a wedge of more packing paper. Due to the thin tube and tight fit, the prints were quite curled but they displayed good toning in the shadows and mid-tones with the highlights just beginning to lose detail. We did notice a slight warm magenta cast creeping into some of them and some scratches or scores, which may have come from the exit rollers on the print machine. The prints had a really cleanly cut edge, though, and One Vision’s prices will suit all wallets.


£20.35 for 3 prints & postage


Simlab offers a streamlined print-only service and we found the site very simple and easy to navigate. For prints over 16x16in you have to go via the large format options and add them separately. With only one paper offered we went for the lustre finish on Fuji Professional DPII paper and completed our order.
Simlab only offers courier delivery at a flat rate of £5, and our prints arrived the next day, which was the fastest of all the labs. We received a large roll tube clearly labelled with a ‘Fragile’ sticker and sealed with plastic caps. Unlike the other labs, though, the prints came with no protection inside the tube making it quite difficult to get them out without touching the print itself.
There was some creasing to one image in two corners and a rough edge to the cut. The handling of the tonal range was good however – one of the best here – with strong mid-tones and detail maintained in the highlights and shadow areas. There was a noticeable colour cast on the largest print, while all the prints displayed very clear detailing. An affordable and fast service from Simlab.

£19.38 for 3 prints & postage


The Digitalab interface is very straightforward; you choose a size and upload your photos, then pick from a range of papers and finishes. We went for Fuji Crystal Archive Professional paper with a matte finish as no semi-gloss was offered, but other options include canvas wraps and fine-art surfaces. There’s an Edit tab where you can crop your photo to size if needed, although the options for prints of sizes over 18x12in are in a different section to smaller prints. This makes the process of creating your order a little more time-consuming, but it is understandable as the larger prints are output on a different type of printer to the smaller options.

Our prints took two days to arrive. The roll they came in was sealed with parcel tape (but lacked end caps) and the prints themselves were nicely cushioned with Bubble Wrap for added protection. One print had a few scratches on the bottom-right corner, however. There was a slight colour cast present on two of the prints, but they showed great tones, nice clean edges and held detail well across the tonal range.

£28.53 for 3 prints & postage

CMYK Imaging

CMYK imaging has 14 papers to choose from, including fine-art, fibre-based, and resin coated with matte, gloss, or pearl finishes so you’re spoilt for choice. We chose a fine-art pearl for this test. The upload process, while looking very sleek, does take a bit of effort to navigate, but once you get used to it, it’s plain sailing. At the top of the page, a guide tells you how far along you are and how many steps are left to go. Once you’ve uploaded you’re presented with options to choose print size, paper type, finish and colour (select Black & White on the Colour option here, as it will help the lab produce neutral tones in your print).

Once our order was placed we waited five days for delivery – not unreasonable. Our prints arrived in a narrow roll tube packed in Bubble Wrap. Each print was individually wrapped in packing paper, but the prints were so tightly rolled they were difficult to keep flat and needed more flattening than others before display.
Print quality was outstanding and prints were cleanly cut. There was no noticeable colour cast and each had a good tonal range, holding excellent detail in the highlights, but while shadow tones were rich they didn’t hold quite as much detail as some of the other labs.

£42.60 for 3 prints & postage

Ilford Lab Direct

Ilford Lab Direct specialises in black & white printing and uses a B&W silver gelatin paper, claiming a truly neutral print. Its site is uncluttered, simple and easy to navigate, with a quick upload service, an upload tutorial, and monitor calibrations with a test print on offer if needed. Once uploaded we were given options to set the border, crop, finish and file optimization, which offers an auto correction to density and contrast (leave this off if your photos have been edited previously). The software allows you to choose each size separately; this size and setup can then be applied to any number of prints and added to your basket and there’s a handy traffic light signal warning if you choose a print size too large for your image to scale to.

Our prints took two days to turn up, arriving in a roll tube, secured at each end with plastic stoppers and sealed with parcel tape. Bubble Wrap prevented movement within the tube and the prints inside were further protected by packing paper and taped to keep them together.  Print quality was excellent with a sharp cut, no colour cast and a faithful reproduction of tones. The highlights did start to lose some detail, but mid-tones and shadows were remarkably good.

£42.95 for 3 prints & postage


Digital Photo Silver Award