Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Two new colours will join the Instax Mini 70 family later this month – Passion Red and Midnight Black. The Mini 70 features a modern, stylish design, improved image quality and new selfie mode

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Press release:

Following an incredible response from customers, Fujifilm is delighted to announce that two new stylish and fresh colours will join the Mini 70 range later this month. The Mini 70 is the latest model in the highly sought-after instax range of instant cameras by Fujifilm.  

The new colours, Passion Red and Midnight Black add to the already popular Mini 70 family of colours, including Canary Yellow, Island Blue and Moon White. These new colours give users even more options to to get creative, represent their personality and put the fun back into photography!

Featuring a sleek design, special selfie mode and high performance flash, the Mini 70 produces credit-card sized photos instantly, with the distinctive tone and colour that only comes from instant film photography. Compact, stylish and lightweight, the Mini 70 offers a fun and nostalgic way of enjoying photography – providing snapshots of life that are instantly tangible and enjoyable.  

The rise in popularity of vintage filters in digital photography is incomparable to the artistic and gratifying effect of taking and printing a photo instantly with a Fujifilm Instax camera. The recent trend for instant prints has sparked huge demand for instant cameras across the world, and this demand is coming from a generation that has not experienced the joy of instant prints before. 

Instant photography has long been associated with the fashion industry, and thanks to its contemporary design, the Mini 70 broadens its appeal to the fashion conscious market of both men and women in their 20s and 30s. It’s a perfect style statement for any occasion at any time. Be it a wedding, party or any social occasion, precious memories can be preserved and shared instantly.

In addition to its compact and portable body, the instax Mini 70 offers a host of clever features, to make shooting even more fun and accessible for the user. Thanks to the Auto Exposure Control function, the mini 70 automatically detects the surrounding ambient light and adjusts the shutter speed and flash amount accordingly. As a result, images are printed with a natural brightness even when taken indoors, with bot h the subject and background captured in beautiful clarity.

The newly added selfie mode ensures instant selfie photos are a guaranteed success every time. The camera automatically adjusts the focal length and brightness to the level optimized for close-up selfie shots. Combined with the dedicated mirror beside the lens, users can check their framing and achieve the best angle and look for their selfie.

The Mini 70 is the perfect accompaniment at par ties, weddings and large gatherings, ideal for capturing those candid moments!  Thanks to the tripod mount and self-timer function, group shots can be also taken and shared easily - collect your memories instantly, and save them forever. 

The Landscape mode provides optimum result s for those far away shots, whilst the Macro mode is ideal for users wanting to shoot close ups, perfect for foodies or those creating a vintage or artistic display. 

The new colours of the Instax mini 70 will be on sale in the UK from the end of June 2016, available in Passion Red and Midnight Black. Canary Yellow, Island Blue and Moon White are already available. The Mini 70 has a retail price of £99.99 including 10 shots of Instax mini film.