Fujinon XF23mm f/2 R WR

Expanding the compact, lightweight, stylish and high-performance lenses for the X Series, Fujifilm introduces the Fujinon XF23mm f/2 R WR.

Fujinon XF23mm f/2 R WR

Fujinon XF23mm f/2 R WR

Press release:

The XF23mm f/2 is a compact, wide-angle lens that weighs just 180g and features fast AF for enjoying snapshots with ease.  Weather and dust-resistant, it’s capable of operating at low temperatures.

The new lens has a highly versatile focal length equivalent to 35mm (in the 35mm film format), covering a range of subjects from snapshots to landscapes and portraits.  Its compact and lightweight design and high-speed AF capability allow users to enjoy taking snapshots spontaneously.

The XF23mm f/2 R WR is a wide-angle lens with advanced image resolution, capable of drawing out the full performance of Fujifilm’s proprietary X-TRANS CMOS sensor.  It has a similar size and design flair of the existing XF35mm f/2 to make up a stylish collection of compact lenses.  The inner-focus AF system uses a stepping motor to drive the focusing group of lens elements for silent and fast autofocus.

The metal exterior gives a sense of premium quality and robustness, and the aperture ring and focus ring have been designed for optimum operability.  The lens is also weather and dust resistant and operates at temperatures as low as -10°C, making it an ideal choice for outdoor photography.