Manfrotto Nitrotuch N8

The new Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 tripod head is perfect for sports and wildlife photography

Manfrotto Nitrotuch N8

Manfrotto Nitrotuch N8

Supporting a payload of 8kg, this new tripod head features a precise, continuos counterbalance system to ensure you get smooth shots every time. Aided by a variable fluidity function, on both pan and tilt movements, it allows you to create judder free movements when you need precise control over longer focal lenses. The battery powered, illuminated bubble level also means you can ensure you get perfect horizons in low-light conditions every time.

Pricing and availability:

On sale from April 25th for £449


Manfrotto's press release:

The new Nitrotech N8 head securely supports a load up to 8 kg. The new head features a precise, continuous counterbalance system that effortlessly and safely holds and operates a wide array of video camera and camera models – in a variety of sizes. The variable fluidity function on both pan and tilt allows smooth, judder-free movement that is perfect for video work and photography work for example: wildlife, long lens, or sports photography. It allows precise control and balance over a heavy telephoto lens or video camera and features a 3/8” Easy Link equipped with an anti-rotation function that enables an external monitor or other accessories to be fitted.


This new head also features a side-lock sliding plate mechanism that allows safe, quick and easy camera attachment. The NITROTECH head has a flat base mount with a standard 3/8” thread that is highly versatile for different support combinations such as a tripod, slider or rig.


Manfrotto’s game-changing N8 Nitrotech Video Head makes a strong impression at first sight through its distinctive, impactful design, which emphasizes this core breakthrough technology. Ideal for both video and photography work, the Nitro head is a revolution in fluid video heads.