Benro GH2 Gimbal Head

The Benro GH2 Gimbal Head is Benro’s best-selling gimbal in a range of four. It’s quite large so that it can support pro DSLRs with heavy telephoto lenses attached, but feels surprisingly lightweight considering it weighs 1.44kg.

Benro GH2 Gimbal Head

Benro GH2 Gimbal Head

This is a solid head that’s really easy to use and highly effective for its intended purpose, although you’d hope so because it’s not cheap at £299. This is a specialist tripod head, so it’s only really worthwhile if you shoot sports and wildlife with long heavy lenses. There’s no spirit level on this head, but it’s not designed for keeping a camera steady during long exposures of landscapes – it’s for action. You could, of course, use it for almost any type of photography but it wouldn’t be quite as easy and convenient to use as a ball head or 3-way. When it comes down to it, it’s an incredibly simple head despite its innovative performance in the field.

The most difficult part of using this head is finding the centre of gravity, although the head can be set to this in a matter of minutes. The main two movements of the gimbal allow for panning and tilting the camera up and down. Movement is fluid so you can easily track fast-moving subjects while keeping the camera and lens steady.

Quick-release plate

The Benro GH2 Gimbal can take several different plates, but the one we looked at was the PL100. This rectangular plate features a screw type mount thread where a coin or screwdriver is required.


The Benro GH2 Gimbal is undoubtedly a specialist tripod head that is expensive. There’s just no point in having one unless you shoot sport or wildlife with long and heavy telephoto lenses. Build quality is very good and movement is fluid.


  • Price: £284 (As of June 2016)
  • Maximum load: 23kg
  • QR Plate: PL100
  • Bubble level: No
  • Weight: 1.44kg
  • Visit:

This review was first published in the February 2013 issue of Practical Photography - download back issues here.