Gitzo GT2531 Tripod

Gitzo is a well-known tripod brand, famed for its build quality. The Italian company uses a six-layer carbon fibre weaving technique that places great emphasis on enduring heavy loads. So it’s no surprise that the company states this model can support a load up to 12kg.

Gitzo GT2531 Tripod

Gitzo GT2531 Tripod

Quite basic in construction, the GT2531 does exactly what it says on the tin. There are twist grip locks for extending the legs, a centre column that is extended via a simple neck lock, and leg extension buttons that work in much the same way as most models. These are, however, much more fiddly and prove very frustrating to get out. Regular use should loosen these a little. One nice touch on this tripod is the Gitzo safe lock system. This adds extra hold to the ball head and is operated by simply rotating the circular base at the top.

GH1780QR Ball Head

Fluid movement is the key to the GH1780QR, that and strength. It is clearly built to withhold a decent load, and has a lower centre of gravity than other ball heads. The GH1780QR possesses greater tilt angles, is very compact, and has simple controls that make it easy to use. There are also no less than three spirit levels on this ball head, with a vertical level perfect for getting the camera in exactly the right shooting position. This Gitzo ball head has an intuitive top-plate mechanism that allows for simple locking and unlocking of the accessory. And it has an extra lock that stops the top-plate coming off if it hasn’t been tightened enough.

Tripod specification

  • Street price: Discontinued
  • Weight 1370g
  • Number of sections 3
  • Min height 760mm
  • Max height centre col down 1380mm
  • Max height centre col up 1610mm
  • Closed length 650mm
  • Max load 12kg
  • Visit:

This review was first published in the May 2012 issue of Practical Photography - download back issues here.