Hama IR-Shutter Release

Ideal for sports photography photo finishes, wildlife photography and any shot that requires superhuman reflexes and timing, it works up to five metres apart by sending an invisible IR beam from the transmitter to the receiver, which is connected to your camera. As soon as the beam is broken the shutter will fire, capturing your subject instantly. This function works on timer mode so you can set a delay, use burst shooting or single shot. The transmitter can also be used as an infrared remote control for cameras with a remote input.

Hama IR-Shutter Release

Hama IR-Shutter Release

To use this product you will need to buy a connecting cable specific to your camera make. There’s also a five metre extension cable available so you can place your camera just where you want.

During testing we found the device very quick to respond to movement, firing the shutter without delay. However the beam wasn’t as sensitive as we’d have liked; smaller objects passed through without setting it off, so it’s no good for areas such as water droplet photography, or freezing bullets in motion. The multi-burst setting was a bit frustrating occasionally, too – there was no stop option other than turning the device off, which became a bit fiddly when setting it up, a slight knock would set the whole thing off.


All in all though, for wildlife or sports photography it works well with only a few idiosyncrasies to get used to.


  • Street price: £61 (Secondhand as of 2016)
  • Release type: Motion detector
  • Beam: Infrared
  • Max beam separation: 5m
  • Modes: Single shot, multi-burst, timer, bulb and remote control
  • Batteries: AAA – Not included
  • Visit: www.uk.hama.com

This review was first published in the December 2011 issue of Digital Photo - download back issues here.