Hahnel Mk100 Microphone

If besides capturing stills, you also like to take advantage of your D-SLR’s HD video recording feature, then the Hähnel MK100 Microphone may be just for you.

Hahnel Mk100 Microphone

Hahnel Mk100 Microphone

Designed for use with D-SLRs, video cameras, and audio recorders, the MK100 sits on your camera’s hotshoe accessory port (Sony/Minolta cameras will require an adaptor). A 3.5mm jack lead is then plugged into the camera’s microphone input socket, ready to start recording. It can also be used off-ca mera and attached to a tripod or boom-pole via the 3/8in thread on the base.

On the rear there’s a simple interface, consisting of an On/Off dial that also includes a Low Cut option to reduce wind noise, along with a sensitivity switch that ranges from -10db, to 0, and up to +10db. The 14mm Electret Condenser mic features a detachable wind cover and is housed within a rubber shock mount system to reduce mechanical noise.

After some rigorous testing both indoors and out, we found that with the MK100 mic attached, audio quality was certainly improved with a much fuller tone, compared to the camera’s otherwise ‘tinny’ built-in microphone. When recording outside, placing the MK100 on the camera’s hotshoe port made it somewhat exposed to the elements, though, and despite the best efforts of the windshield and Low Cut mode, wind noise was still an issue in our recordings.

If the majority of your video work is performed indoors, the MK100 is a great way to improve audio quality. If you regularly venture outside though, investing in a better windshield would be advisable.


  • Street price: £66 (Secondhand price as of July 2016)
  • Visit: www.hahnel.ie

This review was first published in the April 2012 issue of Digital Photo - download back issues here.