Interfit EX200 Ti Twin-Head Flash Kit

The Interfit EX200 Ti Twin-Head Flash Kit comes with fan-cooled 200Ws heads offering significantly more power than the entry-level EX150 MkIII, so if you plan to photograph groups of people the EX200 Ti is a better option.

Interfit EX200 Ti Twin-Head Flash Kit

Interfit EX200 Ti Twin-Head Flash Kit

Each head has a modelling lamp, but at 75Ws each these are much less powerful than on some other units, so can’t really be used on their own as constant lights. They have two brightness settings or can be turned off altogether. Flash power can be controlled in 40 individual increments. The kit includes two reflectors and two 60cm softboxes. Interfit heads use the EL-fit, meaning most Elinchrom and Elinchrom-compatible modifiers can be used. Unlike the less expensive EX150 MkIII, this kit comes with Interfit’s Dynamic Trigger system for firing the lights from up to 12m away without the need for a sync cable. There is also a bag included. The two lightstands extend to a massive 243cm, which is the tallest in test. On the back of the heads there are several soft-touch controls including the ability to turn off the ‘ready’ beep. Be aware that the beep sounds when changing controls and can’t be turned off. Overall build quality is reasonable, and each head has a handle for picking it up, but the plastic body and basic styling make it feel a lot less premium than the Bowens. The included DVD helps beginners learn the basics of studio lighting.


The Interfit EX200 Ti Twin-Head Flash Kit has plenty of power, fan-cooled heads and built-in radio triggers, so is great value at less than £400. It’s also heavy and bulky, with a slow recycle time, and doesn’t have a premium feel, but overall a solid option.


  • Price: £359 (As of June 2016)
  • Max. flash power: 200Ws per head
  • Modelling bulb power: 75Ws
  • Modifiers: 2 softboxes
  • Full-power recycle time: 1.5sec
  • Wireless transmitter included: Yes
  • Reflectors included: 2
  • Digital display: Yes
  • Max. lightstand height: 243cm
  • Fan-cooled: Yes
  • Carry bag included: Yes
  • External battery connection: No
  • Visit:

This review was first published in the Spring 2014 issue of Practical Photography - download back issues here.