Kenko DG AF Extension Tubes

If a dedicated macro lens is outside your budget, investing in a set of extension tubes is a great way to achieve macro results at a fraction of the price, allowing you to focus closer than normal when attached to a regular lens.

Kendo DG AF Extension Tubes

Kendo DG AF Extension Tubes

Unlike cheaper extension tubes that only allow manual focusing, these Kenko AF tubes have full autofocus. Featuring a series of connections running throughout each of the rings, full connection between camera body and lens is maintained for accurate metering and focusing. They’re also available in a choice of Canon, Nikon and Sony/Minolta fits.

Attach one or more of the tubes to the front of your camera body – the same way you would a standard lens – then attach your lens to the front and you’re ready to shoot. Considering a dedicated macro lens can cost you upwards of £260, £149 is an absolute steal!


If you’re interested in shooting macro but don’t want to jump straight in at the deep end with an expensive macro lens, the Kenko AF Extension Tube Set DG is an ideal purchase.


This review was first published in the October 2011 issue of Digital Photo - download back issues here.