Lastolite XpoBalance

If you want to gain an accurate white balance when shooting, then the XpoBalance is just the thing for you.

Lastolite XpoBalance

Lastolite XpoBalance

Collapsing into a handy 15cm pocket-sized bag, the XpoBalance features three different grey surfaces on one side and a black, white and 18% grey surface on the other – allowing you to accurately correct white balance, exposure, colour correction and bracketing adjustments. It also comes with a handy detachable dry-wipe disc for scribbling down photo information.

For those who have never attempted white balance correction before, Lastolite features a free 30-minute video tutorial on its website, explaining the ins and outs of using the XpoBalance. It covers everything from how to use it during a shoot, to post-production adjustments in Photoshop.

For £36 it offers good value for money and lets you perform multiple corrections with a single tool.


Ensuring your photos are correctly and consistently balanced is a great advantage and will potentially speed up your workflow, so having a tool like the XpoBalance could really help improve your shots.


This review was first published in the April 2011 issue of Digital Photo - download back issues here.