Manfrotto MP3-D01 Pocket

If you need to support your camera in locations that don’t allow tripods, the Pocket MP3-D01 is perfect.

Manfrotto MP3-D01 Pocket Support

Manfrotto MP3-D01 Pocket Support

Designed as an always-on support, once screwed onto the base of your camera, the three non-slip legs can be folded out at various angles ensuring a stable platform and when not in use they fold back under the body. Each leg can be independently angled and is firmly held in position thanks to a set of strong springs – we found it was even strong enough to support a pro D-SLR and lens. £30 may seem steep for such a tiny gizmo, but its practicality more than justifies the investment.


The Manfrotto Pocket MP3-D01 is the ideal gadget to support your camera when a tripod’s not an option.

This review was first published in the July 2011 issue of Digital Photo - download back issues here.