National Geographic Walkabout Satchel Midi

The National Geographic Walkabout Satchel Midi is a very small and well-designed bag. In a discreet and stylish grey canvas with leather detailing, this is a camera bag you could easily carry in a crowd and few people, if any, would know what it really is. For the urban photographer this can be essential for blending in, rather than standing out with the large bag that screams out, ‘I’m a photographer’.

National Geographic Walkabout Satchel Midi

National Geographic Walkabout Satchel Midi

In terms of price v size you don’t get much bag for your money, but it’s well-made and looks good. You won’t get a huge amount of kit in the bag either, but you can get enough in there for a basic day’s shooting. At a push, if you forfeited some of the space for a second lens or accessory, you could fit a semi-pro DSLR without a grip in the Walkabout. The DSLR slips neatly into a removable kit pouch and on the front of the bag you’ll find two accessory pockets. Surprisingly, there’s even a section where you can slip in an iPad or netbook.

This is a great little bag that would be absolutely perfect for a compact system camera kit. Although as a day bag it would work perfectly well for a DSLR with a lens or two and maybe a flashgun. The Walkabout comes with a detachable raincover that looks a lot like a large shower cap. Being detachable means you can completely remove it from the bag to dry, but that also increases the risk of losing it. The main selling points of this bag are styling, and the fact it doesn’t look like a traditional camera bag.


A very well-made bag that looks good and has a surprising range of features. Ideal for discreet city shooting.


  • Street price: £131 (As of July 2016)
  • Size (wxhxd): 28x24x15cm
  • Weight: 860g
  • Padded strap: No
  • Kit pouch: Yes
  • Quick access: No
  • Laptop pocket: Yes
  • Raincover: Yes
  • Visit:

This review was first published in the March 2012 issue of Practical Photography - download back issues here.