Novoflex Castel-Mini Focusing Rack

Achieving pin- sharp focus when shooting close-up can be tricky, with even the subtlest of movements shifting focus way off the mark. This is where using a focusing rack, like the Novoflex Castel-Mini, can really help to get the focus right where you want it. You simply leave the focusing ring on your lens untouched and move the camera instead.

Novoflex Castel-Mini Focusing Rack

Novoflex Castel-Mini Focusing Rack

The Castel-Mini uses a double-rack system to achieve a maximum adjustment distance of 135mm with an overall length of just 133mm. The bottom rack is attached either directly to your tripod, or to a tripod head, via a 3/8in thread with the top rack reserved for a D-SLR, with a 3/8in screw.

Each rack can be adjusted independently using its own pair of dials – one driving the rack forward and backwards, the other locking it in place once the desired position is set. Both racks glide smoothly, offering firm resistance to allow for minute increments of movement.

At £125, the Castel-Mini is great value for money. What’s more, you can also attach the Castel-Mini to another Novoflex brand focusing rack to form a cross-focusing rack for extended control.


When delicate focusing is an issue, this rack is a great option. Offering superb build quality and smooth functionality at an affordable price, it’s an ideal purchase for any macro enthusiast.


This review was first published in the October 2011 issue of Digital Photo - download back issues here.