Wimberly The Plamp

When shooting a subject up close, even the smallest movement is exaggerated and can create a blurred shot if a fast shutter speed isn’t used. With Wimberly the Plamp, clamping subjects in place just where you want them couldn’t be easier.

Wimberly The Plamp

Wimberly The Plamp

On one end of the Plamp there’s a helpful clamp to quickly attach it to a tripod leg, table edge, or multitude of other surfaces. With the Plamp in position, the subject can then be held in place via a smaller clip on the opposite end.

Made from a series of detachable ball joints, the Plamp is flexible, but at the same time consistently rigid, enabling it to hold medium-to- lightweight objects with relative ease. It really comes into its own when used to stabilise delicate subjects – like a flower when shooting outside, preventing movement from the breeze.

The 55cm Plamp is priced at £29.99, but Wimberly also offers an extension kit for £7.99, which adds an additional 30cm of length, making it ideal for anyone shooting with a longer macro lens.


For situations that require the use of more than two hands, the Plamp is invaluable - you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without it!


  • Street price: Discontinued (Mk II available for £49 as of July 2016)
  • Visit: www.tripodhead.com

This review was first published in the October 2011 issue of Digital Photo - download back issues here.