Manfrotto Windsor

This superbly stylish backpack from Manfrotto is the epitome of style...

Manfrotto Windsor camera bag

Manfrotto Windsor camera bag

It features a side-only zipped entrance, and boasts enough space to hold a DSLR with a 70-200mm lens, or a DJI Mavic Pro-sized drone. The padded tray can also be removed entirely, allowing you to use this as a standard travel bag. 

A spacious compartment at the top has a toggle to keep the rain out and a netted area at the front, which is easily enough for a variety of lenses. Behind this compartment is a storage area for your laptop, which rests against the external padding. Landscape shooters will be very happy at the inclusion of a beautiful leather strap system at the front of the bag to hold your tripod. 

Being a pack for all occasions, the Manfrotto features a water-repellent coating to ensure the vintage-looking fabric remains fresh for longer. The fore and side of the bag also boast other zipped storage compartments. Sadly, there aren’t any dedicated memory card slots, and the side access can be fiddly, having to open two zips to gain entry.


  • Removable padded tray
  • Spacious
  • Tripod system 


  • No memory card slots
  • Fiddly side access


  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • WxHxD (external): 32x46x22cm
  • WxHxD (internal): 30x39x19cm
  • Removable compartment: Yes
  • Laptop: 15in