Vanguard Alta Rise 45

The Alta Rise 45 is an extremely comfortable, spacious camera bag...

Vanguard Alta Rise 45 camera bag

Vanguard Alta Rise 45 camera bag

From the heavily-padded straps to the firm and protective rear, the great design is evident throughout. 

Featuring both quick side access and full entry through the rear (which was a little fiddly with the tripod attached via the Alta Link tripod carrying system), the very spacious main compartment will easily hold a DSLR with 24-70mm lens. It also has space for three extra lenses, a flashgun and various accessories, with a secondary compartment at the top. 

Unzipping the front allows you to extend the effective area, meaning you can utilise the internal front pockets for a 9.7in laptop or tablet, or just increase storage. A zip on the side releases the tripod sleeve. This sleeve supports the bottom of the tripod while the top of the tripod is secured to the bag by the clip system. 

This bag may have a traditional look to it, but the innovative use of space elevates it to a very modern-feeling bag.  


  • Excellent compact design
  • Expandable front pocket
  • Dedicated tripod system


  • Fiddly rear entry
  • Awkward strap placement 


  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • WxHxD (external): 32x49x23cm
  • WxHxD (internal): 26x25x(13+6)cm
  • Removable compartment: No
  • Laptop: 9.7in