Samsung T3 SSD

Roughly the size of a business card in all dimensions bar depth, and weighing just 51g, Samsung’s T3 SSD is as compact as it is powerful.

Samsung T3 SSD

Samsung T3 SSD

Available in a storage capacities of 250GB (£97), 500GB (£155), 1TB (£290) and 2TB (£620), it provides file transfer speeds up to a blisteringly fast 450Mb/sec via its USB 3.1 Type C connection, as well as backwards compatibility with USB 3.0 and 2.0 that carry slower transfer speeds. As it’s solid state, this drive is much less prone to failure than traditional external hard disk drives (HDD) as it has no moving parts. While its stylish metal casing isn’t waterproof, it does feature an internal shock-resistant frame, helping it withstand knocks and drops. There’s an optional AES 256-bit hardware encryption of files, and it’s compatible with a wide range of computers and smart devices running Windows 7 or higher, Mac 10.7 or higher and Android KitKat Ver 4.4 or higher.

It’s not cheap compared to disk-based storage drives, but for the price you get peace of mind, unrivalled portability, and super-fast transfer speeds that’ll speed up your imaging.


A fantastic external drive, but one that carries a price tag likely to put off all but professionals.


  • Price: £99 (For 250GB version as of August 2016)
  • Capacity: 250GB to 2TB
  • USB: Up to 3.1
  • Visit

This review was first published in the June 2016 issue of Digital Photo - download back issues here.