ION Film 2 SD Plus

The ION Film 2 SD Plus offers a simple and affordable way to digitise transparencies.

ION Film 2 SD Plus

ION Film 2 SD Plus

Most of us have a box of old film and slides hidden somewhere in our homes, too precious to throw away but unlikely to do anything other than collect dust. Unfortunately it’s not possible to scan slides with most conventional scanners, as unlike a regular photograph the light needs to shine through the slide and be collected the other side, rather than reflect off it. But with ION’s Film 2 SD Plus, your old analogue images can be given a new breath of life and digitised quickly, easily and without the need for a PC.

Simply pop in the included 4GB SD card, plug the Film 2 SD Plus into a power socket and you’re ready to start scanning. Using the 35mm rapid slide feeder or negative holder, slides can be scanned at a resolution of 14MP at the touch of a button. This is a significantly higher resolution than most other slide scanners on the market, which are typically only 5MP, so is perfect for printing at larger than A4.

The clarity and colour reproduction is impressive, and it’s surprisingly fast. With its LCD screen, a real time preview of your shot is displayed instantly, allowing you to ensure the exposure is set correctly and every one of your images is captured perfectly.

Images can be scanned straight to a computer via the supplied USB cable, and the bundled editing software, which is packed with features, is suitable for both PC and Mac.

Overall, the Film 2 SD Plus is a fantastic and good value device for those wishing to digitise their transparency library.


This review was first published in the September 2014 issue of Practical Photography - download back issues here.