PhaseOne Capture One Pro 10

Capture One Pro 10 is the latest in PhaseOne’s line-up of industry-leading RAW conversion tools, and is the software of choice for many studio pros... 

PhaseOne Capture One Pro 10

PhaseOne Capture One Pro 10

Offering lightning fast, large and clear image display when tethered to a camera, Capture One is the perfect companion for anyone shooting fashion, product or portrait photography. For those of you who don’t do any of the aforementioned genres, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is also widely regarded as being the definitive colour grading tool. 

With images displayed beautifully from the RAW files, there are a wide choice of tools to bring out the best from your shots. Colour balance is divided up into shadows, highlights and midtones, as well as having a master control. Each option gives you a full wheel, allowing you near-infinite control. Beyond the colour balancing, Colour Editor allows you to fine-tune even further, letting you choose the precise amount of colour you wish to be affected. 

As far as a RAW editing tool goes, this is far more advanced than Lightroom, with amazing HDR detail recovery tools for your highlight and shadows. 

A modular system allows you to fully customise your workspace and add or remove tools and adjustments as you require them with the click of a button. Simple activities such as cropping and straightening also feel like they have a lot more power and simplicity. Cataloguing and culling features are also excellent, allowing you to organise and select your shots in a variety of ways, all of which are easily searchable. 

Capture One isn’t a Photoshop competitor per se, but it does offer tools such as Layers and blemish removal, and as a Lightroom replacement it can’t be beaten. The price-tag, though still quite significant, is exceptionally reasonable for the amount of RAW power you get, making this an excellent choice for all skill levels.

Amazing colour editing
Huge range of tools
Top quality tethering

Most expensive in test
May appear unintuitive to new users

OS: Mac/Windows
RAW conversion: Yes
Layers: Yes
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.11.6/Windows 7 or higher