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Practical Photography magazine is always looking for new and exciting images to showcase in its print and digital editions. So whatever the subject and style, why not send us a sample of your work for possible publication? 

Submit your images to Practical Photography magazine

Submit your images to Practical Photography magazine

Submitting couldn't be easier - follow the simple three-step guide below and hit the relevant 'Submit' button...

3 Easy Steps To Submitting Images

Step 1: Select your best images
The perfect submission should contain no more than five images so the first and most important step is to edit your work very carefully. Selecting a small handful of photos to represent your entire portfolio is easier said than done, so play to your strengths - if your favourite subject is landscapes, for instance, select the images that demonstrate your mastery of light and composition.

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Step 2: Resize your images
To keep submissions to a modest size, the next step is to create low resolution versions of your selected images. Resize them to 1000 pixels along the width or height (whichever is longest) and save them as Level 5 JPEGs. If we need higher resolution images for publication, we'll request these from you at a later date.

Step 3: Include a short biography
We're just as interested in you as we are your photography so a brief biography is very helpful. Who are you, what are your favourite photographic subjects, what's the story behind the images you're sending us, and do you have a website or online portfolio we could take a look at? Between 100-200 words should suffice.