Share Your Shots UK

What is the #ShareYourShotsUK campaign for?

We believe the UK is full of amazing locations, but sometimes it’s hard to hear about these places unless someone tells you about them. By sharing photos and information, you can not only show your work to like-minded photographers, but you’ll also be helping to create an online gallery of brilliant new landscape locations that’ll show off the UK at its very best. What’s more, in return you’ll also be inspired by the photos and new locations uploaded by others so you’ll have plenty of new places to visit with your camera!

How do I upload?

This couldn’t be simpler. Just use your phone, tablet or computer to log in to Instagram or Twitter and, before you upload your image, remember to add the special hashtag #ShareYourShotsUK

Anything else?

Give us as much information about the shot as possible! Where was it taken? What camera and lens were used? Plus any other info about the location you think fellow photographers should know about!

What happens next?

As photographers upload their images, our online gallery will grow, but that’s not all! On the site you’ll find useful videos and photo tips to help improve your photography. Plus you can sign up to our competition or go all in and take out a subscription! The best images will even feature in a special supplement in a future issue of Digital Photo!

Do I have to own a DSLR camera?

No, any camera will take a great landscape image! So, if you’re using a CSC or even a compact, don’t let that stop you from joining in the fun!

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