The Great British Camera Treasure Hunt

Welcome to The Great British Camera Treasure Hunt, in association with Fujifilm. For those of you who have been playing along, here is the full list of clues for all available locations, including the latest and final clues. Good luck out there!


Location 1

Now Claimed

Location 2

At Breakfast we best endeavour,
To never eat the shredded wheat,
So the shredded wheat we never,
Find the clue to have us beat.

If there’s no way in Norway,
Would it be the same,
You’ll find no folk here,
But still look, all the same.

Which which is which,
And which which is not,
Solve this quick clue,
And you’re getting hot.

If you travel long by car,
Motorways you’ll see loads,
But you have to turn back,
To avoid these B roads.

Is this a real ham,
Or is this just fantasy,
You could be close,
If you choose wisely.

You’ll never make Cpt,
If you keep on sleeping,
The roars are getting greater,
The closer that you’re creeping.

When your friend comes home,
Don’t forget to wave,
And when he’s running off,
We know he will behave.

Did this break the mould
Because it’s the perfect model,
You may be burning up right now,
Because this one is a doddle.

It’s not quite Gaza,
On that you can bank,
Find this quiet spot,
Then head for the flank.

You may find some marshes,
But that’s really not our game,
Until you find the edge,
We ask you please refrain.

If you’re a Spurs fan,
Please don’t do a runner,
Just because Alan Williams,
Is one prolific Gunner.

Time’s closing in now,
So we’ve telegraphed this one,
Stay close to the road side,
And you could have just won.

Location 3

If you lived in Newcastle,
And moved due as the winter crow,
Near the dernier of our England,
Just short of the last you’ll know.

If you’re heading there by car,
You may need a third the m9,
Crafted by the old lady’s Rouge,
Let’s hope it’s ready on time.

To hunt around here,
Prepare for the harsh
There’s many been stung,
Crossing this tricky marsh.

Two antique sandbanks,
But not quite at the sea,
If one’s he out of hell,
We’ll let the other one be.

It’s not quite a mountain,
And it’s definitely not square,
Stay here a while,
Because you’re very nearly there.

I am the sole survivor’s twin,
Lovely, twisted and bent,
Find the pond near my end,
Formed with hope I was lent.

Some places look really nice,
And this is a real lovely place,
This clue gets hard though,
So know where to face.

If you ever wondered,
Where Monty was schooled,
You’re on the right track,
And cannot be fooled.

If you find this small gap,
You will see the point,
If you need something more,
Look for Norris’ joint.

If walking was maths,
You may need to divide,
So take the rain from the clouds,
And follow that side.

You don’t need money,
Even if there’s a toll,
You can just cross right over,
Because there’s no troll.

You’re so close right now,
We can see your offences,
Right, you would be too,
Where the dead tree commences.

Location 4

First you travel peak and dale,
Then you find our world’s lakes,
But you must think of opposite,
To avoid your first big mistake.

Below the proudest countryman
And his favourite dress jacket,
Is a place we have been to,
And hidden a secret packet.

The Great North Road,
It does just what they say
But against all tradition
We explored the other way.

This is a rounded corner,
Borrowed from in Roman times,
It helped to keep them out,
Well above our treasured Tynes.

I checked my map full of rage,
An airport took the worst part,
But I noticed that its plane,
Pointed close to where I did depart.

Stray too far and at the water,
You’ll should see seahorses,
But we’ll take ours out first,
Just add yours and it’s sorted.

Rabbit wheat is booming, 
So they built a house, 
Looking at this stone turning
As quiet as a mouse.

Below this sacred land,
Segregated by the tide,
Is a place, most secure,
With something good to hide.

A great place for swingers,
Dressed to the nines,
But we prefer swords to clubs,
Where would thee find thine?

Join Mrs Dulcie James,
And sit at your leisure,
She’ll tell you a story,
Involving her treasure.

Described by a poet,
His name was Baldric,
Find five renditions,
And you’ll get the trick.

McDonald’s never made
A burger of this size,
But below that one to the left
Is where to find your prize.